Results for BADO Urban Event, Hatch Warren, 31/10/2015

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Class Results
Young Junior Men (M12-) Young Junior Women (W12-)
Junior Men (M16-) Junior Women (W16-)
Veteran Men (M40+) Veteran Women (W40+)
Super Veteran Men (M55+) Super Veteran Women (W55+)
Ultra Veteran Men (M65+) Ultra Veteran Women (W65+)
Men Open Women Open

Course splits
Course 1 MO
Course 2 M40 WO
Course 3 M55 W40
Course 4 M65 W55
Course 5 W65
Course 6 M16 W16
Course 7 M12 W12

Fastest Splits by Course
Fastest Splits by Class

Officials' Comments

Map - My chief aim was to upgrade the map to the latest symbol set and also then ensure it was consistent and most of all accurate to aid route choice, taking into account comments I had read across the orienteering forums. Hopefully I was able to go a long way to achieving this aspiration.
There were a couple of 'queries/concerns' over Control 133, which was positioned next to a 'crossable' fence, hence in fact approachable from any direction!!

Organisation - Well I believe the fact that the event ran very smoothly (from my point of view) as I received zero complaints and everyone seemed to rather enjoy the sublime weather as well, therefore we sincerely hope BADO have produced a worthy Level B UKUL/SEOUL event at a decent venue.
I must again thank the club members who willingly gave up their time to support the logistics and make it a pleasurable day for us all.

Alan Kersley (Organiser)

I spent a long time at the finish listening to competitors and they were all very appreciative of the courses, map, and organisation. All good and positive comments! Well done.

Robin Smith (Controller)

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