Southern Night Championships and Army Night Championships Results, Silchester, 15/11/2014

Photos are available on Rob Lines' Picasa album

Planner's Comments

I hope most competitors enjoyed the night courses and I do understand some of the frustrations, particularly with the fog which I could not have planned. Thanks to those who expressed their enjoyment at the end. I planned the courses to be quite hard given that it was a championships for both SCOA and the military but within the BO planning guide. The terrain was hard in places and the amount of rain in the last few weeks made some of the going really tough.

Post event there was much debate about control 114 and some of the map detail and I was very hurt by some of the very disparaging comments at the finish. I find it somewhat galling that competitors complain so much given the effort by BADO that went in to providing the whole weekend from organising to mapping, to planning and controlling. Both planners and controllers (night and day) had almost permanent contact and there were many changes and adjustments right up to the weekend event to ensure a good event.

Happy to discuss with anyone who may wish to. Bernie Fowler

Organiser's Comments

Thanks for coming along on Saturday evening, it was the culmination of some months preparation for us and the support we had from the AOA and their representatives. We were only asked back in March to consider hosting the SNC and it seemed very sensible to combine it with the Inter-Corps Champs to maximise participation for all concerned.

Gaining access to utilise the Pavilion was a real bonus as an ideal Event Centre and we are very grateful to the Silchester Pavilion Committee for allowing us to use this venue and the surroundings.

We were very aware of our responsibilities to respect the locality and also observe any restrictions within the domain of the SSSI. It seems we have achieved that aim and hopefully we provided the expected hospitality and environment for all to enjoy.

Alan Kersley