Basingstoke Andover District Orienteers
- the orienteering club for North Hampshire

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Results of BADO events

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19th April 2005 Oakley Community Association
Sports Weekend
Orienteering results
O-Maze results
29th March 2015SCOA League event
Butter Wood
Results Page
16th November 2014SCOA League event
Pamber Forest
Results Page
15th November 2014Southern Night Champs
Silchester Common
Results Page
21st June 2014 Charlton Lakes Results page
14th June 2014 Basing Wood Results page
6th April 2014 Perham Down SCOA League event Results page
17th Nov 2013 Pamber Forest
SCOA League event

£120 was collected in parking fees and has been donated to St. Michael's Hospice on behalf of the landowner.
16th Nov 2013 Hatchwarren & Beggarwood
WSX Night League event
6th Jul 2013 Charlton Lakes
Sprint and O-Maze
9th Jun 2013 Micheldever
SCOA League event
Results, Splits and SplitsBrowser
Officials' Comments
20th Apr 2013 Oakley Sports Weekend Results
6th Jan 2013 Humbly Grove
SCOA League event
Results and Splits

Results from earlier events